Pillow Chase: Falling Inn Bed
By Nadine St. Denis
Dec 1, 2004 - 4:06:00 AM

Being the 'Hottest Honeymoon Couple' at the Falling Inn Bed and Breakfast resort, should be the icing on their fabulous wedding extravaganza. But Miranda and her husband, Lieutenant Commander Troy Knight are faking it. Oh sure, the smiles are in place, and they are appreciative of all the attention, but there is something amiss between the newlyweds. Troy is determined that by the end of their three weeks at the resort, he will have found out what it is, and get his loving wife back.


Miranda Knight loves her new husband very much, and she is doing everything in her power to live up to being the kind of wife a commander in special operations expects to have. She can't understand what is the matter with her. Maybe, she is just not cut out for military life? But one thing she does know, she will not burden her husband with her petty problems. Miranda knows that she will be able to fix it on her own, if she is given the time to sort things out in her mind. Having her sister and estranged cousin drumming up trouble for their respective mothers is not what she wants to be a part of, but as the level-headed one in the family, she needs to keep an eye on their plotting and planning.


Will the three weeks that Troy and Miranda have at the Falling Inn Bed and Breakfast be enough time to sort out their problems? Will Miranda learn to not just love her husband, but to trust him, and herself in the process? And will the importance of family make all the difference? Only time will tell.

PILLOW CHASE by Jeanie London is the steamy third addition in the FALLING INN BED series. I found the fact that the story is about a couple already married, a delightful change. Whether this is the first you read in the series or the third, you will be charmed with these gems that celebrate the power of true love!

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