Pirate’s Booty

Author: Shelli Stevens

Publisher: Cobblestone-Press

Release Date: July 14, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Desperate to save her business, Renee crashes a party being thrown by Devon Murray. She intends to steal back a broach that had once belonged to one of her ancestors. What she doesn’t expect is the little gathering to be a sex party or the sexy bouncer who keeps turning up, watching her as if she’s committed a crime. She may be intending too, but hasn’t. Yet.

Devon Murray is a reclusive software designer. He’s also the direct descendant of the pirate who Renee believes took the broach that rightfully belongs to her family. Devon is so reclusive that there aren’t even any public pictures of him.

Renee believes that Devon’s party is her perfect opportunity to access his home and find the broach. Devon had been watching Renee from a security camera and knew that she hadn’t been invited. Her demeanor is far too uptight for a frequenter of his sex parties. Just looking at her excites him, and he hasn’t been excited by a woman in a very long time. Despite his knowledge that Renee is crashing the party, Devon chooses to allow her into the party. He suspects that she’s a reporter looking to get exclusive information about the goings-on at his parties. She believes that he is a bouncer. Watching the various sexual escapades amongst the partygoers turns her on more than she cares to admit. Devon and Renee’s game of cat and mouse comes to a screeching halt when he stops an overaggressive Dom who calls him by name. For Renee it’s now a matter of trying to outwit him, but Devon has a few tricks of his own.

PIRATE’S BOOTY is a fun story that will delight readers with Devon and Renee’s attempts at outsmarting each other. Renee’s single-minded determination to find the broach results in comical but very sexy scenes that kept me reading just to find out what she’d do next and how he’d react. I was fascinated by the history behind the broach and how Devon and Renee’s ancestors could have possibly known each. Shelli Stevens’s PIRATE’S BOOTY kept me reading from beginning to end in one sitting and I loved every minute of it.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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