Planetary Passions: Arian's Angel
By Angel
May 8, 2006 - 10:39:00 AM

Angel is on the run from her past and doesn't want to face the truth, that she could be a killer.  She finds a home and family in Ed and Myra when they take her in.  Things change drastically when their son Arian, comes home and wants to know who she is and where she's from.  Angel feels an instant attraction to Arian, but fears getting involved with anyone.  Can Arian help her face the ghosts of the past?

Arian comes home only to find the sexiest woman he's ever seen sleeping in his bed.  He quickly finds out that Angel is a companion for his mother, but that her past is a mystery.  Concerned for his parents, Arian sets out to find what he can about Angel and her mysterious past.  Somewhere along the way his feelings for her start to change, only her past has come back to haunt her.  Can Arian convince her that they belong together?

ARIAN'S ANGEL is a fantastic book with wonderful and interesting characters that will pop off the pages.  Angel is the mysterious woman who is running from her past.  Her emotional change is gradual and you quickly start to see the woman beneath the fear.  Arian is the sexy hero who jumps in to save the day and help Angel face her past.  His determination to be with Angel will have readers sighing with pleasure.  The love scenes are steamy and full of passionate interactions that will speed up your heart rate.  Tara Nina has done an excellent job of continuing the PLANTEARY PASSION series and I will certainly look forward to seeing what she comes up with in the future.

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