Play With Me
By Alane
Feb 1, 2007 - 12:05:00 PM

Three beautiful, successful single women propose a toast at their joint twenty-ninth birthday celebration.  They each vow to live out their wildest fantasy before their thirtieth birthdays.  Can they turn their most intimate dreams into reality in just one year?



Catherine Maderis has always been introverted.  She’s worked hard to succeed in spite of her painful shyness.  A museum archivist, Catherine is perfectly comfortable delving through musty old papers.  She doesn’t have to interact with people too often, which is just the way she likes it.  But when Catherine makes a promise, she keeps it.  No matter how tough it is, she’s going to seek out Phillip Trent, the object of her deepest desire.


Phillip Trent is a successful developer.  He’s always had his eye on beautiful but shy Catherine.  He had pursued her for a while, but took the hint when rejection after rejection came his way.  Phillip isn’t sure what brought on Catherine’s sudden interest, but he’s intrigued enough to find out.


Will quiet, conservative Catherine find a way past her insecurities and into Phillip’s bed?


I admired Catherine for finding the courage to overcome her shyness, confront Phillip, and give her all to get what she wanted.  She made a good choice, as Phillip was sensitive and caring enough to ease the way for her when she needed it.





Kallie Bradshaw is a successful artist, particularly for someone still in her twenties.  She loves her career, but there’s something missing.  And his name is Beau Donovan.  Trouble is, Kallie knows she isn’t his type and besides, she’s been “one of the guys” to Beau for years.  Or has she?


One night, restaurant and bar owner Beau Donovan manages to ditch the usual group of guys and take Kallie to a baseball game alone.  Sure, they’ve all been friends for years, but Beau wants much more with Kallie.  Unfortunately, an untimely distraction and a stray baseball interfere with his plans.  Luckily, Kallie is around to play nursemaid, but they’ll have to share a room.  Will they try to resist temptation, or give in to their desires?


It was easy to sympathize with Kallie.  I know how it is to feel like one of the guys!  It was great to find out Beau wanted more than friendship with Kallie, too.  I hoped they would finally share their true feelings with each other.





Gina McCutcheon got a wake-up call six years ago when a man she was falling for told her, in no uncertain terms, why he wasn’t interested.  Deserved or not, Gina had a reputation as a wild, easy, spoiled rich girl.  Even Gina had to admit she had earned at least part of it, though.  She turned her life around after that encounter, throwing herself into charity work and trying to improve lives.  She’s on a cruise, trying to fulfill the vow she made to her friends.  Unfortunately, the age of the average passenger is, well, let’s just say there’s plenty of grey hair around.  Then, Gina hears a familiar voice.


Thomas Lipman the Third can’t believe his eyes.  The beautiful woman he cruelly rejected years ago is lounging on a chair, right in front of him.  Although Trey doesn’t expect Gina to forgive him, he admires the woman she’s become and tells her so.  He wants to make amends, leave the past behind and start over.


Gina doesn’t know what to do.  Trey humiliated her and made his complete lack of respect for her perfectly clear.  True, it was in the past, but his behavior was unforgivable.  So how can she possibly want him now?  Her body might not know any better, but her heart and mind certainly should.  Will she give him another chance?


Gina is a classic example of a woman whose life is not only complicated by money, but nearly ruined.  She grew up wealthy, but certainly not happy.  I hoped she could forgive Trey’s frankness from years before.  It was a horrible thing to endure, but marked a tremendous turning point in her life.  It’s no wonder she never quite got over him.  I wished she would take a risk and see just what might develop between them.


I thoroughly enjoyed each one of these wonderfully sensual stories.  I loved the connection shared by the heroines, and appreciated their diverse personalities.  Who wouldn’t want supportive best friends like Catherine, Kallie and Gina, who know when to give each other a little push?  I hoped they would each find their perfect match in Phillip, Beau, and Trey.  Very highly recommended!

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