Playing with Trouble - Capital Confessions #2
By Jo
Aug 5, 2015 - 10:45:03 PM

PLAYING WITH TROUBLE (CAPITAL CONFESSIONS #2) has instant chemistry between Blair Reynolds, a Senator's daughter, and one of her law professors, Graydon Canter. It's a love/hate relationship given how first year law students are treated.  Not only should a relationship between them be taboo or off limits but he has a dark side and a troubled past that would not fit in Blair's world or with her parent's plans for her - one that is filled with politics and the social scene it entails.  Does lust, romance and possibly love, conquer all?

Cleeton's PLAYING WITH TROUBLE is book two in the series but even though I have not yet read the first book, FLIRTING WITH SCANDAL, there was enough background given to understand the relationships between the characters and the part they each played especially focusing on Blair's parents and her two sisters.  The Capital Confessions blogs that were quoted throughout gave credence to what it must be like to live in a fishbowl and have every move you make be scrutinized, critiqued and made public.  The chapters alternated whether they were from Blair or Gray's viewpoint and sometimes got confusing as to who was speaking or thinking the thought.  There was a lot of pressure felt by Blair and the other 1L students in their classes and it came through. Blair also takes on the role of 1L rep for the pro bono project which means she needs to come up with the project idea, plan the events, recruit volunteers from the 1L students and work with the pro bono faculty liaison and for me was one of the most enjoyable parts of the story.

There were family, friends, politics, scandals, secrets, hurt, anger, laughter, tears, ultimatums, past histories, hate, romance, burn up the sheets loving not always in a bed and love.  I felt a little of an ick factor regarding Blair and Gray's feelings and actions - mostly inappropriate in location and deed and I found myself always looking over their shoulders to see if someone would come upon them and find them doing something they shouldn't.  There were quite a few twists to the story and nice closure with most of the loose ends tied up at least where Blair and Gray are involved - their feelings, their relationship and their next steps in their careers.  There is a happily ever after that seems to work and I was very pleased to see the epilogue that was the icing on the cake and gave me a feel good feeling.

Cleeton is a new to me author.  Although this story wasn't my favorite since it took me out of my comfort zone with Blair and Gray's sexcapades there was an excerpt from book three in the series, FALLING FOR DANGER, that drew me in.  It's Kate's story and while some of it was hinted at in book two I can't wait to read it in its entirety.

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