Playing Easy to Get
By Angel
Aug 25, 2008 - 10:38:05 AM

TURN UP THE HEAT by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Allison George wins a trip to a tropical paradise, but she never thinks it will put her smack in the middle of danger and espionage.  Meeting Vince Cappelletti seems to give her a knight in shinning armor, but the feelings between them grow quickly and Allison may wind up losing her heart to the undercover agent.


This story pretty much has it all, action, adventure and plenty of sensuality.  It also gives us another look into Sherrilyn Kenyon’s BAD series.  The characters pop and the plot is interesting enough to keep you turning the pages.  A lot of story is packed into a small amount of pages, but Sherrilyn Kenyon just pulls it off.


Rating: 4

HUNTERS OATH by Jaid Black

Sofia Rowley has lost the last member of her family and feels all alone in the world.  Then she is kidnapped and auctioned off to the highest bidder as a wife for a hidden Viking race.  Now she finds herself falling in love with her new husband, but can she give her heart to him?


This story moves along quickly and there really isn’t enough time to develop the characters.  The relationship moves along at a speedy pace and things tend to happen very quickly.  The plot is a great one though and the love scenes are fierce in their intensity.  This is a good story if you want a quick read, but if the plot intrigues you I would definitely recommend reading DEEP DARK AND DANGEROUS.


Rating: 3.5



Nikolai Wroth is a vampire and his job is to kill the killers of his kind who murder without cause or reason.  Then he meets Myst, and she is definitely not his kind but he believes her to be his mate.  Problem is she won’t stay in one place long enough for him to seduce her.  Nikolai isn’t giving up though and if it’s the last thing he does he will make her his mate.


Kresley Cole does an excellent job of creating characters that pop off the pages and a plot that grab hold of the reader from page one.  Myst is an awesome heroine and I loved reading about her.  Nikolai is a warrior after your heart and will get it very easily.  The love scenes between the two are hot enough to make the pages smoke.  A huge amount of story is packed in a small amount of pages, but it comes out just right in the end.  I can honestly say that I will be looking for more of Kresley Cole’s work in the future.


Rating: 4.5

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