Playing His Dangerous Game

Author: Tina Duncan

Publisher: Mills Boon

Release Date: January 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Wealthy socialite Shara Atwood had been an obedient child when she was growing up. But she had left directly from her father’s home to marriage to Steve. After twelve months of abuse, she was back to living with her father, having found the courage to leave her husband. She was also determined that no man would ever tell her what to do again. But she finds that this decision is not so easy to stick to as her ex-husband constantly threatens her from a distance; phone calls and watching from his car outside of her father’s home. Although Steve had only hit her once, he had other means of making her suffer. Knowing his daughter had been traumatized, her father hired a bodyguard to live in at the house and watch over her while he tended to business overseas.

Royce has owned his own security business for the past fourteen years and now it is the biggest and the best. Normally, he does not personally act as a bodyguard, preferring to let his employees take on those jobs. But when one of his best clients asked him, as a personal favor, to watch over and protect his daughter while he was out of town, Royce could not turn him down. However, he had been deceived by a woman like Shara before; a wealthy socialite who was selfish, spoiled and self-centered. Although he was drawn to her, he would not get involved with her. He did not need a repeat of that experience. It only took once to teach him a lesson.

But as Royce is with Shara day after day, he begins to see that he had misjudged her. Steve had done quite a job on her and for some reason, this was affecting him differently than such a case normally affected him. To his dismay, he knew it was due to the curvy woman herself.

Shara is used to her husband’s abusive reaction whenever he is angry, so seeing Royce get angry, she cannot help cringing. It doesn’t take her long though to see that Royce is nothing like Steve. She even discovers that a little disobedience with Royce can be quite stimulating. In fact, she finds that PLAYING HIS DANGEROUS GAME can be not only stimulating, but fun…in a heated way.

A sensual read, PLAYING HIS GAME, the first book of author Tina Duncan’s BODYGUARD series, is a sizzling hot and suspenseful contemporary romantic suspense. I read this in one sitting, unable to put the book down until I found out how they would work their problems out. Shara likes strong men, but she is used to the men in her life having all of the control. Her ex-husband had turned her into a victim. Between the two, especially her husband, she became a victim. Believing all men are like that, she wants nothing to do with them. But then she meets Royce, a strong, gentle man who has been stung once by a wealthy socialite and believes Shara is cut from the same mold. But as their misconceptions are straightened out, they find it hard to keep their hands…and lips…to themselves. Ms. Duncan weaves a sensual web with her captivating, suspense-filled tale. Imbued with danger, witty dialogue, abuse, sexual tension, passion, romance and true love, this is a story not to be missed!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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