Playing My Mothers Blues
By Jayne
Nov 13, 2006 - 10:01:00 PM

Dani and Rose as young girls remember the mother who took them to parks and talked with them before bed. That is before she left them and their father for another man. Angry and saddened by their mother’s betrayal and later the shame brought by her actions, they have grown up and become successful and determined black women.

The father that has protected the girls has passed suddenly leaving the secrets in his life untold. Staring at the obituary the paper has written for Hilton Dells, Maria decides to look up the children she left that fateful night. So much has happened since she has seen them last, including prison time for the murder of the lover she left them for.
Valerie Wilson Wesley writes it how she sees it, creating a refreshing change of pace. PLAYING MY MOTHER’S BLUES follows Dani and Rose through the trials of adolescence as well as adult hood. Their relationships with men influenced by the choices their mother made when she left them. Dani is juggling her marriage, her child and her lover at the same time while Rose has taken the opposite path not allowing any man to get too close. The mother that gave up the right to teach them about life has ultimately shaped it into what it is today. This insightful novel will have you evaluating how the parents in your life or lack of thereof have shaped you.

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