Playing With Fire
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2006 - 11:58:00 PM

Lindsay Pfeiffer is a City of Glendale firefighter. She's had to work long and hard to earn the respect of her fellow firefighters, and still struggles with being accepted. It doesn't help matters that she's incredibly attracted to Matt Callahan, fellow firefighter and roommate of her boyfriend either. Lindsay doesn't date coworkers but that doesn't stop her from feeling the heat whenever Matt's around.

Matt Callahan has been harboring a desire for Lindsay since first meeting her at the academy. After graduating however, they didn't see each other again until nine months later when they were both assigned to the same station. Knowing that Lindsay's dating his roommate, Joey doesn't keep Matt from fantasizing about her and all the things he'd like to do to her delectable body.

It isn't until Lindsay arrived for her stint at the dunk tank to raise money for Habitat for Humanity that she finds out that Matt was scheduled for the hour before hers. Having to appear before the masses in a bathing suit is enough to give her hives, having Matt present for the humiliating episode is definitely not the highlight of her day. When Matt emerges from the dunk tank at the end of his hour stint, he notices Lindsay watching him being a leg man, Matt's had many fantasies about Lindsay's but seeing her in a swim suit is almost more than his overstimulated senses can take.

While engaging in general conversation while cleaning the kitchen at the fire station, Matt confides to Lindsay that he's driving up to his parents place in Tucson because his father's experiencing chest pain and refusing to go to a doctor. Working in such close proximately the sexual tension between the two runs high and Matt makes a few teasing comments. Lindsay not sure if Matt's serious of not decides to test his reaction to a little flirting and butt wiggling, only to be humiliated when Dennis Bigelow catches her in the act and embarrasses her. To top it off, Matt had left the kitchen area while she was doing her seductive wiggle. The only way to get over her case of lust for Matt would be to finally have sex with Joey and since she already knows he'll be out of town for the night, it's the perfect opportunity to seduce Joey. With the help of her stepsister, Mahina, Lindsay purchases several outfits as well as some condoms and heads over to see Joey. However, Joey's been called out on a job, and Matt and his father got into an argument so Matt decided to return home that night. Thanks to a leaky roof, Matt's bed is soaked so Joey volunteered to let him use his, which is where Lindsay climbs into bed expecting to find Joey. Matt couldn't believe his luck when he woke up to Lindsay's warm body snuggled next to him as her hands caressed him. Once Lindsay realizes her mistake she begins to panic but Matt's gentle persuasion works miracles and she indulges in her desires with Matt. Having Joey return home and find them together, causes Lindsay to become upset and guilt ridden. In Lindsay's mind, she has cheated on Joey, Matt knows better because of a discussion Joey and he'd had earlier. Convincing Lindsay that they belong together may have just become one of the hardest things Matt will ever do.

PLAYING WITH FIRE indulges your senses in all those fantasies about firefighters while at the same time, pointing out that there are women in this male dominated occupation that are just as deserving of our respect and admiration as all the men. Lindsay's learned to cover up many of her feminine traits in order to fit in. Working at an emotionally draining profession, she doesn't even allow herself to cry where she could be seen. Matt knows how hard Lindsay has to work to fit in, however, he doesn't realize how hard she still has to work to get the same 'pat on the back' as he would simply because he's male. PLAYING WITH FIRE is full of sexual tension, heart-tugging events, larger than life characters, and emotional upheaval that all combine to form a very sweet story that'll leave you dreaming about finding a firefighter all your own.

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