Playing With Fire, Book One; Forbidden
By Cheryl McInnis
Dec 19, 2009 - 7:54:04 PM

Michaela hasn't has much luck in the past with relationships. The straitlaced, nice guys that she's been dating tend to run away the moment she opens up about her unusual wants and desires.  As a result, Michaela feels like there is something wrong with her; she tries hard to keep her urges quiet and works at being the type of daughter that she thinks her parents want her to be.

It has been a long time since Austin has been involved with a woman.  He prefers casual sexual relationships that are easier to find with other men.  He has a great job at a local theater, enjoys clubbing with his friends and never has any trouble finding a partner for the night.  In fact, Austin feels like his life is just fine as is.

When Michaela finds herself in need of a roommate, and she is introduced to Austin by a mutual acquaintance, it seems like a perfect fit.  Austin is sweet, funny, charmingand gay.  The two of them hit it off immediately and soon become best friends.  After awhile though, Michaela finds herself growing more and more attracted to Austin, hoping that, perhaps with him, she could experiment with things that she's only dreamt about.  To his surprise, Austin finds himself feeling the same attraction to Michaela, but instead of wanting her merely to appease his sexual urges; Austin discovers that he longs for something more meaningful and committed.  With Austin, has Michaela found a lover that embraces her darker desires, or has falling in love for the first time tamed Austin's wild side for good?

FORBIDDEN is a terrific start to author Karen Erickson's new PLAYING WITH FIRE series.  Combining very sensual and explicit love scenes with equally tender and emotional storytelling isn't easy, but Ms. Erickson pulls it off in FORBIDDEN flawlessly.  Austin and Michaela are characters that I began to care about, and I was pulled into their story from the start.  I really enjoyed reading FORBIDDEN and can't wait to get my hands on the next installment, TANGLED coming out early in 2010.




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