Pleasure Bound
By Pamela Denise
Feb 1, 2011 - 12:52:05 PM

Marie is tired of the string of nice guys that has been in her not so successful relationship portfolio. After the latest break up, she is determined to try something new. While she is at her friend’s cabin, she spots just the man to fit the bill. Leather wearing, motorcycle riding Zeke is the bad boy of her fantasies. The connection is instant and a hot affair begins.

Marie’s best friend and neighbor, Ty, has liked her for a long time, but hasn’t seen the opportunity to make his move. Marie also has feelings for Ty, but he is the all around nice guy she’s sworn off. Plus things with Zeke are going great. When Ty finds out Marie’s become involved again with someone new, he is determined to stop procrastinating and let her know just where his feelings stand. Underneath his exterior he is a long time dominant and can be every bit the bad boy Marie desires.

Ty is thrown for a loop when he discovers Marie’s new flavor is his old best friend Zeke. Once he and Zeke shared everything until a rift formed between them. Their shared desire for Marie will bring buried emotions to surface and they’ll have to put the past behind them to move forward. Together they will show Marie more pleasure than she has ever known.


PLEASURE BOUND is Opal Carew's latest erotic contemporary. The storyline is engaging and well written. The heat level is smoldering, and there is substance given to the characters that goes beyond their creativity in the bedroom, among other places, that keep the pages turning. Opening up one of Ms. Carew's books is always like opening a forbidden but decidedly delicious secret. You'll want to indulge your fill in the sensual romance and steamy encounters then pass it along to all of your girlfriends.         

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