Pleasure Exchange

Author: Cathryn Fox

Publisher: Avon Red

Release Date: February 5,2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: Print

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Sam York is brilliant; a scientist with unbelievable skill and currently on the verge of creating a female libido enhancer that will rival Viagra. The only problem is Cathleen Nichols, her journalistic skill and desire to succeed has halted his testing. Her recent article on Sam and his pet Rio has stirred up the animal rights activists, placing Sam in a bit of a jam.

Cathleen Nichols has lusted after her sexy neighbor for months, he's simply sinful and he stars in all her fantasies, too bad she can’t have him. Her article about Sam's work has caused complications for him and she's certain that there's no way he would be interested in her now. But maybe if she can undue the damage she wrought he can get back on track. Cat is willing to do what she must to help the sexy scientist, even if it means being his own personal lab rat.


When Sam approaches Cat she sees her chance to get to know the man behind the science. Volunteering to help test his libido enhancer is really no hardship, getting naked with Sam will be a pleasure she's certain, and if it means subjecting herself to his experiments, well, let the testing begin.


As these two embark on their scientific quest they find things may not be as they seem and that what they thought they wanted from this fling may be more than they bargained for. It just may lead them on a journey that ends with love.


Cathryn Fox's website boasts the tag line "Smart, Sexy and Fun" and I for one couldn’t agree more when it comes to PLEASURE EXCHANGE. In the pages of this sexy and erotic novel are two characters that epitomize those words and so many more. Sam York is an Alpha male of that there's no doubt, but it not his brawn that places him in this category it's his brains. Making him even sexier than you can imagine. He is driven, in control, and is far from a science nerd, yet his intellect is what does it for me. He's a refreshing change of pace and I was sad to leave him and Cat as the book came to its conclusion.


PLEASURE EXCHANGE comes across initially as a no strings affair between two neighbors, done for the good of Sam's medical research and to right a wrong. What it delivers however is a witty and engaging tale of two people somewhat lost in life. Sam is the workaholic with only one goal in mind, and Cat is the journalist struggling to be taken seriously, and fulfilling the dreams of others she thinks she needs to be complete. Together they discover there is more to life than work and success and in the process fall in love, getting so much more than they expected.


"Smart, Sexy and Fun" that describes PLEASURE EXCHANGE to a T and I can't recommend this title enough. Bravo Ms. Fox, PLEASURE EXCHANGE is a fabulous finale to an extremely enjoyable trilogy and is a definite keeper.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jenn L

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