Pleasure Inn, Book 2: All Worked Up
By Cheryl McInnis
Jan 3, 2010 - 5:37:41 PM

Interior designer Candace Steele makes a pact with her two best friends to swear off men because she is tired of being used by guys who were looking for a way to get in with her famous father.  Candace's new job, designing a fantasy sex-themed room for the new inn opening in town, isn't helping to keep her mind off her self-imposed celibacy either.  She tries running, hoping that the vigorous physical activity will calm her libido.  However, as soon as Candace sets eyes on the hunky new paint stripper hired to work on the inn, she knows that she definitely needs physical activity of a different kind, pact or no pact.

Marc Collins has a great career as head of security for big-shot director, Jason Krane. In fact, Krane has so much faith in Marc that he has put Marc in charge of keeping his very independent daughter Candace safe from harm, while keeping his bodyguard duties a secret at the same time.  Things seem to magically fall into place when Candace's new employer Pamina mistakes Marc for a paint stripper and hires him to work on the inn alongside the designers. Once Marc sets his eyes on Candace though, he knows he is in trouble.  He will have no problem keeping her safe from bad guys, but who will keep her safe from him?


The more time Candace and Marc spend together, the hotter the chemistry between them grows, until they both throw caution to the wind, and they decide to take Candace's fantasy room for a test drive.  To Candace's delight, she discovers that besides being a hunk and a wonderful lover, Marc is a warm and caring person, just the kind of man that she has given up on finding.  Marc already knows that Candace is the woman for him, and he really hates deceiving her.  When the truth comes out about Marc's connection with her father, this couple might need a little help from an unexpected source to see past the deception and to get ready to live out their fantasy forever.


ALL WORKED UP is the second story in author Cathryn Fox's PLEASURE INN series, which is about three friends who, after swearing off men, find themselves working for a mysterious woman named Pamina.  Pamina has each woman work on designing a theme room for her new inn, with each room tailored to their own unique sexual fantasy. As with the first story in this series, ALL TIED UP, ALL WORKED UP, it is a fun and steamy read with interesting and down-to-earth characters, loads of hot love scenes and a little dash of magic in the form of the always intriguing Pamina and her cat Abra.  I highly recommend this story, and this series, to any reader who wants something very hot and spicy, but also well written and sophisticated.



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