Pleasure U
By Lorelei Mattison
Aug 1, 2008 - 10:01:15 AM

Lila is devastated when her fiancé, Tad, dumps her right before their wedding. Worse than that is when he tells her that he is dumping her because she is boring in bed. In order to overcome such a horrible declaration from her fiance, she enrolls in PLEASURE U, a university that is dedicated to sexual professions that teaches the students how to be sexual, sensual beings with no inhibitions. When she arrives on campus, she isn’t sure she’s ready for the orientation, and she is even less than sure when she sees what the homework is for her classes. However, she wants to succeed and be far from a bore in bed. In fact, she is ready to learn all she can at PLEASURE U.



PLEASURE U is an exciting read in itself. Lila and her fellow students are a delight to learn with, as they indulge in their sensual class work. The teachers are ready, willing and able to teach them to lose their inhibitions and get in depth and hands-on with their studies. Every student is an eager pupil and the founder of the institution is an icon to be reckoned with.


Ms. Hart has penned a scorcher that is not for those that are appalled by promiscuous sex and situations that often entail more than two partners. PLEASURE U is a tantalizing read that will hook the reader from the start. The journey of self-exploration and indulgence that Lila takes is not to be missed. She is the perfect depiction of innocence, allure, sensuality, and pure hedonism. PLEASURE U will tantalize from beginning to end if you are so inclined to give it a read, it’s sure to tease and please.

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