Poison Ivy
By Jessica
Jun 1, 2005 - 10:33:00 AM

The conservative Ivy Morris, is rescued from her father's house when she unexpected inherited a house and costume shop from her great aunt in Martha's Point, Virginia .  She sees this as the perfect opportunity since she is now on her own, but also a means of meeting Mr. Right.  Ben Fallon, or "Ben the Fallen" as Ivy called him in her thoughts is the town's restaurant critic and new private investigator. He has the knack of being there whenever Ivy puts her foot in her mouth, which is often.

Things didn't start out as rosy as Ivy expected, and her expectations of an idyllic small town are spoiled. Firstly, her aunt's assistant is undermining her running of the establishment.   Then there is a "weird" robbery at her store, followed by the murder of a new friend.  Worst of all, Ivy was the one who found the body.  With Ben's help, Ivy tries to solve the murder, while trying to ferret out the robber on her own.  Things become dangerous when their prime suspect is proven to be innocent and signs point to Ivy becoming the next killer's victim. 


With her first book, POISON IVY, Ms. Simon has established herself as someone to watch.  There is a healthy dose of humor, and although a tad slow, the story was entertaining.    

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