Poker Brat

Author: Barrie Abalard

Publisher: Amber Quill Press

Release Date: June 1, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Gambler CJ Jackson is originally from Texas. The way Kat sneers the word "cowboy" when she’s talking to him has his palms itching to paddle her luscious behind. CJ’s used to playing with men gamblers, he’s even lost to female pros, but the way Kat is playing makes absolutely no sense and intrigues him.

Kat O’Toole built her own business from the ground up, dedicated all her time to the company and her employees until its sale to a large corporation. She retired as wealthy woman at the age of thirty and now does whatever she pleases. Kat views poker as a battle and her competitors as enemies, but there’s something about CJ that attracts her like no businessman ever has.

Before even exchanging names, Kat offers to buy CJ a drink. She’d relieved him of his poker chips in the Texas Hold ‘Em game they’d just played, it’s only fair that she pays for the drinks. While discussing their poker playing, CJ makes a gambling proposition that stuns Kat. If CJ wins, he gets to paddle her behind, if Kat wins she gets one hundred thousand dollars. Kat wins the bet but is torn between really wanting the spanking and pride that she won. Just before leaving CJ, Kat whispers in his ear a whopper of a lie that earns her a well-deserved spankin’ that CJ is more than happy to deliver.

Barrie Abalard’s POKER BRAT is a short story full of heat (and not just the heat from Kat’s stinging behind either!). Kat is a woman firmly in control of herself but desires the freedom to let go of her inhibitions. CJ is just as bold as Kat, but he keeps a tight rein on his heart, until she slips under his erected barriers, scaring the dickens out of him. This high stakes poker game involves more than just cash and a spanking, it’s the start of an unexpected relationship between these two people who learn that there’s pleasure to be found in the loss of control.

POKER BRAT is Ms. Abalard’s first published story.  Visit her website for her other books that will be released in the new future.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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