Polar Reaction
By Christina
May 18, 2009 - 3:16:40 PM

While working together on a project, David Tucker and Brendan Aaronson seemed to share a powerful moment of mutual attraction by a campfire. While nothing significant happened, over a year later Tuck still can’t stop thinking about what might have been. He and Brendan have been working together again, this time in Antarctica. The six week project is almost over and Tuck is no closer to letting the other man know how he feels.

David, Brendan and research assistant Jamie Hunter are the last three scientists from the lab crew still waiting to be airlifted out the next day. Tuck thinks he has lost his only chance to tell Brendan his feelings until a sudden early blizzard leaves the three men stranded with no way out.


While the three men wait for rescue, Tuck, Brendan and Jamie give in to their feelings for one another as desperation and uncertainty gives way to an intense passion.


POLAR REACTION by Claire Thompson is steamy and exciting romance. The sexual chemistry between Brendan, Tuck and Jamie is delicious and explosive. The plot is entertaining. I really felt the fear and stress of the being stranded along with the heroes. I also liked that the author took her time developing the characters. I was constantly on edge wondering if they would be rescued and what would happen to their burgeoning relationship.

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