Politically Incorrect: Stalked

Author: Jaid Black

Publisher: Elloras Cave

Release Date: November 28, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4 blue ribbons

Format: EBOOK

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Regina Rose is a popular singer. From a very young age she’s written and sang her own songs. At the age of fifteen she composed and sang her first hit song. She’s living every young girl’s dream. Her teenage crush on Adam Bennett is actually what resulted in her first hit single, but that’s all it had ever been . . . just a crush. Now here she sits - handcuffed, blindfolded, gagged, and naked in the cellar of a psychopath who claims to be her ‘most devoted fan.’

The kidnapper has left her in the basement, alone and restrained. That gives her enough time to become extremely nervous and let her imagination wander to all sorts of disturbing thoughts. When he returns, he’s not alone. There’s a second man and Regina realizes that there’s something familiar about the second man’s voice. She quickly realizes that she’s been kidnaped by her childhood crush Adam and his brother, Johnny. She’s stunned when Johnny tells Adam that she’s his birthday gift. They can’t possibly think they’ll get away with abducting her, can they? Can she reason with them? Will they let her go if she complies with whatever they have planned for her?

Jaid Black’s POLITICALLY INCORRECT: STALKED surprised me with how intense the storyline is for a short read. I was quickly caught up in the emotional turmoil of her character. Like her, I wondered how these men can possibly think that they’d get away with carrying out their plans. What truly thrilled me about this storyline is the unexpected twist toward the end of the tale. It left me with a whole different outlook on the storyline and far more comfortable with the events that had taken place.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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