Escape: Pool Boys
By Amanda Haffery
Jul 6, 2007 - 6:13:47 AM

Lanie just turned thirty-nine and what did she get for her birthday? Divorce papers. Yep, that's right, her wonderful husband served her with divorce papers. How can Lanie ever recover? How about during a trip to
Belize ? Three gorgeous men instantly grab Lanie's attention. Rutgar, Jamar and Paolo have no problem convincing Lanie that she's as desirable as she ever was. Will Lanie get lucky with one of these amazingly attractive men or will she take a more daring walk on the wild side?

POOL BOYS is an engaging and erotic quickie sure to satisfy any hunger. From beginning to end, this story's dynamic is amazing, drawing this reader in and making me very empathetic to Lanie. I couldn't believe how cruel her ex-husband was. I was rooting for her to find happiness in Belize and was glad when she found men who still wanted her. The sex scenes will leave readers hot and bothered long after finishing. Although not necessarily a romantic story, the ending will definitely leave readers feeling warm and fuzzy. I especially loved the fact that in a round-about way, Lanie was able to stick it to her husband in the end. Sierra Dafoe is always a pleasure to read. Each story I read of hers always leaves me completely satisfied. Ms. Dafoe will definitely be on my must-read list from now on!

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