Popping The Cherry
By Chris Mead
Sep 1, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

Valentina “Lena” Bell feels like a major disappointment.  First she fails her driving test, and then her boyfriend of four months breaks up with her because she won’t put out.  To make matters even worse, she misses her bus, and her cell phone is dead.  What else can possibly go wrong?

When Lena makes it known to her group of friends that she is still a virgin, her friends come up with Operation: Popping The Cherry, a wacky plan to help her find the perfect guy to lose her virginity to. But after a series of bad dates, Lena is ready to give up.  

When Lena finds herself in a dangerous situation, her best friend’s brother Jake, comes to her rescue.  Sparks definitely fly between the two, but events conspire to keep them apart.  Can these two life-long friends be meant for one another?

Written from Lena’s point of view really brings this story to life.  I got caught up in this narrative, and really fell in love with Lena.  I could feel all of her emotions both good and bad.  My heart ached for her as she struggled with growing pains.  I admire Lena’s tenacious spirit and willingness to keep going when most would simply give up.

Jake is every young girl’s dream come true!  He is there to pick Lena up every time disaster strikes.  I love that Jake is interested in Lena as a person, and he is willing to wait until Lena is ready for a sexual relationship.

I am a big fan of Aurelia B Rowl.  She writes soul-stirring tales that remain in your thoughts long after you are finished reading.   POPPING THE CHERRY is a powerful and meaningful new adult story. This is by far the best book that I have read so far this year!  This is a Romance Junkies Recommended Read.

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