Poppy's Place

Author: Sylvia Renfro

Publisher: Avalon

Release Date: 06/2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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For Poppy Sullivan the Mojave National Preserve is a place she will fight to keep untouched.  In the past movie companies have wanted to come out to do documentaries, and the few that have come left trash everywhere and not shown any respect for the land.  So when Josh O'Donnell shows up literally in front of Poppy's tire of her Jeep, Poppy has a little bit of trouble trusting him to do as she says about not leaving trash and to show respect for the land and the animals.


To try to win over Poppy's trust Josh enlist the help of her grandmother.  Poppy's grandmother see's the sparks that are shooting up all around Poppy and Josh so she is all too happy to help in any way that she can.  When Poppy finds out that her grandmother has agreed to prepare breakfast and lunch for Josh's crew she refuses to help until she realizes that she can keep an eye on Josh to make sure he does as he has promised he would do.

After being with each other day after day Josh and Poppy start acting on the feelings that they have for each other.  Josh knows that he isn't ready to settle down and he knows that Poppy loves the land where she lives and would never want to leave.  What do they do?  Are they going to just let the best thing that has ever happened to either one of them just slip throught their fingers or are they going to find some kind of solution to their dilemma?  Sometimes in life you just have to take a chance on love and just jump in with your eyes wide open.

I really loved Sylvia Renfro's book POPPY'S PLACE.  The book was full of adventure, love and beautiful sunsets.  In POPPY'S PLACE, Sylvia Renfro lets you see; through her words, what you would be seeing if you were there with Josh and Poppy in the East Mojave Preserve.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Tammy Kelley

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