Portal Chronicles - Portal

Author: Imogen Rose

Publisher: Imogen Rose

Release Date: January 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: Print

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Arizona Darley feels something strange. She is awakening from a catnap after having taken her SAT’s at Princeton High School in Princeton, New Jersey. Her mother is not driving the Hummer Three, but a Hummer Two and her hair is not the usual color.

Whey they reach home, a man that she doesn’t know greets her and her sister, Ella. Ella refers to the man as dad, but this is not Dillard Stevens, the man that Arizona knows as her father.  Arizona takes things in stride, realizing that “home” is now in California. She has her little sister, her dog Gertrude, but has acquired a new father and an older brother.

There are some people in this strange new world who are familiar, but many parts of her life are very different. Arizona, the tomboy who plays varsity men’s ice hockey in Princeton, is now Arizona the cheerleader on the debate team. She is close friends with girls she doesn’t know, but is a bit removed from people she knew (knows) from Princeton.

The life that Arizona learns to live is very family-oriented and loving. Her parents, Olivia & Rupert, are always involved in every aspect of her life. Kellan is her brother’s best friend and she immediately feels a very strong bond with him. That seems to throw Kellan off a bit, they really are just very good friends in his eyes.

The story is very simple and very much a young-adult book. There are many references to gadgets and teen-savvy items of clothing, tech products and language. I believe that many younger readers will be captivated by the book. The story is definitely good, just a little young for my taste. I will probably read the other two books in the series to finish the story out. I thought the ending lent itself to wanting to finish the series.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Joanne

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