The Plus One Chronicles, book 2 - Possession

Author: Jennifer Lyon

Publisher: Jennifer Lyon Books

Release Date: May 23, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: EBOOK

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Rigidly controlling everything in his life, billionaire Sloane Michaels, an ex-UFC fighter, confines his dates to Plus One arrangements, even his latest relationship with bakery owner Kat. His relationships earlier in life had been lacking in love; centered on foster homes and a mother who preferred her boyfriends to her son and daughter. Sloane has never known his father. His one close relationship had been with his sister Sara before she was raped and killed. Finally, he met Drake, who mentored him and became the father he never had. Now, a billionaire, Sloane is giving back and doing some mentoring of his own. However, his much vaunted control is thwarted as Drake becomes seriously ill and Sloane’s consuming need to find his sister’s killer is only paralleled by his desire to control Kat, whatever it takes.

Although bakery owner Kat Thayne had been born into a world of wealth and privilege, she felt like she did not belong in that world, so she shunned the spotlight. Then six years ago, she had been brutally mugged, which left her with scars and partial memory loss. To make matters worse, she believes her ex-fiancé was involved. Not wanting to be a victim any longer, she is trying to empower herself, taking self-defense and slowly building her confidence. She finds inspiration for her baking at the weddings she caters. It was at such an event that she first met Sloane. Agreeing to a plus one relationship means they are there for each other at any social event that calls for a significant other, including sex. Although there is to be no emotional attachment, Sloane has agreed to teach Kat how to defend herself.

Sloane makes Kat feel beautiful and sexy and their intimate relationship has been like nothing she has ever experienced before. Although Kat is trying to expand her boundaries, she begins to see the controlling side of Sloane’s personality. With his sister’s murderer now out of jail and free to make good on his threats to destroy anyone that Sloane loves, the threat to Kat grows real. Will Sloane be able to keep her safe? Will his controlling side drive her away?

The second book of gifted author Jennifer Lyon’s enticing PLUS ONE CHRONICLES, POSSESSION, is a sensationally hot contemporary erotic romance. After reading the first book – a must for anyone reading this series, I did not see how Ms. Lyon’s next book could ever compare, but she has managed to not only meet, but surpass my expectations beautifully. I have been looking forward to POSSESSIONS and I can assure you that the wait was well worth it. Packed with humor, complex characters, wicked sensuality, ultimate fighting, revenge, paparazzi, humor, clever repartee and romance, this story is one you will not want to miss! The only problem was I hated to see it end and cannot wait for the third installment, OBSESSION, which is due out in July 2013. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and pick up POSSESSION, but be warned, reading the first installment, THE PROPOSITION, is a must. I highly recommend this story to readers who enjoy a great romance with plenty of action and heat!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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