Power Play

Author: Erica DeQuaya

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Release Date: May 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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When we think of a hockey player, we think of an aggressive, hulking man that spits a lot, we don't normally think of a sexy, beautiful woman. Kristen DuChein, however, is not only sexy and beautiful, but was also on the USA women's hockey team in the winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. So she knows better than most, what it takes to make it in the sport of hockey, and what it feels like to be a winner. Which is why she is willing to do just about anything to keep the minor league team that she is partial owner, the North Texas Panthers, alive. She feels she owes it to her late father, who started the team. All she wants is one more season to see the team win the Emerald Cup, the Western National Hockey Association's coveted trophy. After that she is willing to quit and move onto greener pastures. Unfortunately for Kristen, nothing is that simple, her team is in serious financial trouble and thanks to the sexual tendencies of her late husband and the long reaching repercussions of his actions; no one is willing to invest in her team or take a chance on her. Her only option is Brian Corrigan, the self-made businessman and owner of the Dallas Blaze, a major league team in Dallas. Her problem? How do you ask the arch enemy of your late husband for money?


Brian Corrigan knows that he should be content with his life, how many men get to say that they own a successful major league hockey team. But Brian is not content; in fact he has a deep bitterness burning inside of him that keeps him jaded and aloof from everyone. He wants revenge. What has kept him going over the years is the knowledge that one day he is going to get his revenge against the person who destroyed his career and his life. It didn't matter that the man who was responsible was now dead. He had a wife. A sexy as hell, former Olympiad, no less. Brian still has a hard time believing that the young gawky, girl he knew back in Ottawa, Canada, twenty years ago, was the same woman who today owned her own farm team. He knew instinctively she would have no choice, but to come to him looking for a favor and he knew exactly how she was going to pay.


When Kristen agrees to Brian's "business arrangement", she feels as if she is agreeing to "prostitute herself" for the sake of the team, by agreeing to his unholy proposition proves just how badly she wants the cup. Besides, seeing how her body reacts to Brian every time he comes near her, proves that it won't be a hardship at all. In fact, she has never felt such an overwhelming physical reaction to any man before. Brian's dark sexuality pulls her in against her better judgment. How long can she pretend that she is going along with this charade solely for the team's sake, before Brian realizes that not only is she is enjoying their arrangement just as much as he is? But in fact wants more from him - maybe more than he is willing to give.

POWER PLAY is an incredibly sensual novel that explores the carnal, adventurous side of love. Erica DeQuaya effectively captures our attention with the magnetism of these two people and raises our heart rates with the combustible heat they create between them. If you thought hockey couldn't be sexy, you need to read this book.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nadine St. Denis

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