Power Play
By Dottie
Oct 1, 2008 - 10:41:11 AM

Monica Geary is an actress who has played the role of Roxie Deveraux on daytime’s soap opera The Wild and The Free for the past ten years.  Though the money is very good, she does not feel she is living up to her potential and the expectations of her former instructor who is very old now.  With all the time she spends on the set and memorizing her lines, she does not have a social life.  Now they are about to bring a new, fresher, younger talent onto the show.  Though she has many fans, her own fan club, has been nominated three times for a Daytime Drama Award and is the star of the show, she wonders if her days on the show are numbered.

Eric Mitchell was just traded to the Blades Hockey team on which his twin brother Jason is the assistant captain.  Eric has a very good record.  He is one of the top scoring defensemen in the NHL.  In fact, the Blades traded one of their beloved players and two young prospects for him.  In addition, he made People magazine’s “Fifty Hottest Bachelors” issue, coming in at number forty.  So he has quite an ego trip going, making the other players resent and hate him.  He only dates blonde bimbos and dumps them when they try to get serious.  However, he is like two different people.  In addition to his jerky, egotistical side, he has a sweet, vulnerable side in which he doesn’t know how to handle a serious relationship and envies his brother and sister-in-law for their close, loving relationship.  Since he and the rest of the Blades have so much time on their hands while on the road, they are avid fans of The Wild and The Free soap opera.  They all are crazy about Monica on the show.


When Eric is asked to do a cameo on The Wild and The Free, he is thrilled, hoping this will get the guys to like him.  Besides, he has always had a crush on Monica himself.  However, on the set he flubs his lines, comes on to Monica to the point that she can’t stand him and tells him to take a hike.  Nonetheless, fearing losing her job to the new talent, Monica goes to see her publicist, who remembers that Eric did a cameo on the show and advises Monica to be seen on the town with Eric on her arm.  Although against it, Monica finally agrees.  At first, although they put on a show for the paparazzi, Monica still doesn’t like him so she levels with him, letting him know that she is using him.  Though she expects him to be furious, he laughs it off and tells her about the problems he is having with the guys.  Then they agree to use each other so they both get what they need.  However, somewhere along the line the faux dates turn into real dates though neither one will admit it.  Monica begins to see the other side of Eric and he notices that she is his good luck charm... whenever she attends his games, he plays better and his team wins.  As he falls for her, he begins losing the egotistical part of his personality.  Can they get beyond their pride and tell each other just how they feel or will they just let what they have end?


POWER PLAY is a wickedly fun and steamy hot contemporary romance.  I enjoyed it immensely and could not put it down until I finished reading the last page.  In the beginning, the characters do not seem to be meant for each other due to their public personas, I believe; she is a serious actress who seems to be trapped on a soap opera and he is an egotistical jock who seems to think nothing of how he treats people.  However, as the story progresses, their true personalities emerge and the reader can see they are more alike than you realize.  Ms. Deirdre Martin allows you a peek at the backstage of the soap opera as well as the other side of the sports world.  Filled with humor, romance, sensuous love scenes and charismatic characters, this story will stay in your mind long after the book is finished.  The secondary characters add real appeal and authenticity to this story.  POWER PLAY is a definite keeper.  I look forward to reading Ms. Martin’s future works.

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