Precious Things
By Tracy Marsac
Jul 1, 2005 - 11:06:00 AM

Jewell Kincaid has her fingers crossed that she'll get the position at Bulwark Mutual Funds.  She's there for her interview when she runs across Benjamin Roth and is astounded at his rude behavior.  Deaf or not, there's no excuse for treating his assistant that way and so she intervenes, her hands moving in ASL to reprimand him.  Later, she can only hope her forwardness didn't cost her the much needed job.  To her surprise, she receives a call informing her she's been hired, not as Kevin Burke's aid, but as Benjamin Roth's.  Jewell expects a challenge from Benjamin, his demeanor isn't the most pleasant, but what she couldn't anticipate was falling in love with the infuriating man. 

Benjamin has his reasons for his brusque manner and holding people at bay, all of which go back to his father's treatment of him.  Jonathon Roth's inability to accept his son's handicap and his subsequent behavior wounded Ben's psyche.  Until Jewell, Ben has never met anyone who so charmingly puts him in his place.  She quickly becomes invaluable as his assistant but is untouchable as well.  Office romances only cause more problems, but that sound reasoning doesn't stop his desires.  When Jewell discovers Ben's tumultuous family dynamics, the mutual sexual attraction turns into a deeply emotional relationship.  When Ben suffers a traumatic loss and the revealing of a shocking secret, Jewell bravely shoulders some of his heartbreaking burden and stands by him like no one has before. 

Ben suffered so much as a child that each painful incident made by his father just solidified the wall around his heart.  He quickly became self reliant and despite his lack of hearing, became a very successful portfolio manager.  When he realizes Jewell has stole past his defenses and is a much needed part of his life, he's a little stunned and falls back on his old ways of pushing people away.  However, Jewell's love for him is greater than his insecurities and she proves it by standing beside him while his family falls apart. Gail R. Delaney holds nothing back as she gives readers a tormented hero unknowingly waiting to be loved unconditionally.  Jewell came from a less than pleasant background as well but when she was adopted, her new parents showered her with the affection Ben was denied from his parents.  Through her, Ben sees a better future for himself if he would just reach for it.  PRECIOUS THINGS is a tear jerker of a romance and is not to be missed by those wanting an excellent read!

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