The Saxon Brides - Pregnancy Proposal
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 11, 2009 - 12:04:03 PM

Ever since she was a teenager Amy Wright’s heart has been set on marrying Roland Saxon but an automobile accident destroyed all those dreams mere months before they were to say their marriage vows.  Amy’s always prided herself on being ‘the good girl’ – going to church, helping others, abstaining from intercourse until marriage, so how is that she’s found herself in the disastrous position of being unmarried and three months pregnant?

Heath Saxon has desired Amy for many years but her engagement to his brother left him with no hope of ever having the girl of his dreams.  He’s a man of action and doesn’t feel any need to explain himself to anyone.  When he learns of Amy’s pregnancy and sees her distress over the whole situation he offers her a proposition that he hopes she’ll be unable to refuse – marry him and she won’t be faced with the stigma of an unwed mother.


Amy shoulders a lot of guilt over Roland’s untimely death though she tries to put on a brave front and continue on with life as usual.  She even works for the Saxon family answering the phones and coordinating other business at the Saxon’s Folly Winery.  What she can’t stand are the pitying looks or the worry that she sees in everyone’s face when they look at her.  Heath’s presence at the winery is both a blessing and a curse.  He’s desperately needed by his family both emotionally and businesswise, but Amy’s uncomfortable around him because he brings out emotions that she doesn’t recognize in herself – or maybe it’s that she’d prefer to keep them hidden.  In any case, once Heath learns of Amy’s pregnancy he’s determined to do everything he can to ensure that she remains a permanent fixture in his life.  Amy’s high moral standards dictate that having a child out of wedlock is wrong and Heath is more than happy to marry her in order to save her.  What he doesn’t know is that Amy’s got a secret and her deception is the real reason she’s uncomfortable with accepting Heath’s proposal.


PREGNANCY PROPOSAL is the third book in Tessa Radley’s THE SAXON BRIDES miniseries.  This story is intense and fast paced with plenty of emotional turmoil to keep readers anxiously turning pages.  I was quite intrigued by the family dynamics and the obvious closeness that everyone involved seems to share.  Amy’s a prime example of the quintessential ‘good girl’ who’s given into carnal desires and then felt guilty about it.  Heath, however, is everyone’s idea of a ‘bad boy’ and he’s content to let people think that about him but there’s a loving man beneath the façade and I really felt a little bit of hero worship for him. 


While it’s certainly not necessary to read the first two books in this series to thoroughly enjoy this one, I’d recommend it simply because they’re a fun family and getting to know all of them would be delightful.

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