Pregnancy and Passion, Book 3 - Tempted By Her Innocent Kiss

Author: Maya Banks

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: March 6, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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On his own since he was eighteen and coming from a dysfunctional family, Devon Carter is not used to the boisterous Copeland family who show their love so freely. But the Copeland patriarch, William, has made a deal with him, one that Devon is not happy about. If Devon will marry his daughter, William will go ahead with the merger, joining his Copeland Hotels, the largest, most exclusive line of resorts in the world, with Devon’s company. This is Devon’s dream come true, but he doesn’t like being forced into a marriage to accomplish it, even though he doesn’t object to Ashley herself. In fact, he likes her. But, although he wants everything to be upfront with her, William insists that she be kept in the dark about the reasons for the marriage. Grudgingly, Devon goes along with him.

Ashley Copeland, who loves animals more than most people, works at the local animal shelter. She has been saving herself for the right man and after dating Devon for a while, she knows he is the one. Being a capricious, free-spirit, she is not shy about showing her feelings freely and she makes everyone smile. The morning after she and Devon make love for the first time, he proposes to her and she is ecstatic.

However, on their wedding night, she accidentally discovers that Devon married her as part of a business deal with her father. When Ashley confronts him with her discovery, Devon cannot help defending himself and telling her that she needs to grow up and stop being so impulsive. Realizing that his description of her is true, she wonders about her next step. Believing she can make him love her, she begins trying to change herself, but everyone notices the changes in her, except Devon. Will their marriage be over before it even has a chance?

A sweet, feel-good read, TEMPTED BY HER INNOCENT KISS, the third book in talented author Maya Banks’ PREGNANCY AND PASSION series, is steamy and poignant. From the very beginning, talented author Maya Banks draws you into the story and the next thing you know, you are rapidly turning pages, pulling for a happy ending for this wonderful couple. You cannot help feeling sorry for Devon who tiptoes around his distraught wife, not knowing how to remedy the situation. Her desperate attempts to win his love and his tender regard for her, even though neither one realize he really loves her, until it may be too late. Filled with passion, engaging characters, heartbreak, romance, deception, a range of emotions and plenty of love, this is a story you will not want to miss! I loved this story so much, I had to have the first two books in this series also; ENTICED BY HIS FORGOTTEN LOVER and WANTED BY HER LOST LOVE. Now I am eagerly awaiting the next book in this delightful series, UNDONE BY HER TENDER TOUCH. As a bonus, the following story is also included in this book.

NEVER TOO LATE by Brenda Jackson

Sienna Bradshaw had gone through life doing the right thing, believing if she was good, her parents would love her. Now she had only been married three years, but it was over already. Before she had even put too much thought into leaving her job and starting her own business, she had talked it over with her. They were agreed that she would have to work hard and spend long hours to get it going. In the beginning, he had been supportive, but then he started complaining about the time she spent away from him. Although she loved her husband, when things started getting bad between them, she decided to take her in-laws’ suggestion and leave him. Even though she had offered to sign a pre-nup, they thought she was after his money.

From the moment Dane had met her, he had known they were meant to be together. Their divorce, which was her idea and would be final in twelve days, was killing him. But at some point in their marriage, she had stopped believing he loved her. She had never even told him of any problem between them. He had come home one day and she had already moved out. When he had received the divorce papers, he had gone up to their cabin and drank himself into oblivion. During his time at the cabin he had used up some of their rations and had not had a chance to replace them.

Sienna had received a letter from Dane’s attorney, telling her to remove her things from their cabin, so she drove up to the cabin. She planned to be out of there before the snowstorm, which was due in a matter of hours. But while she was there Dane came in to retrieve something he had left there earlier, not expecting to see her. They had tried to be civil to each other, but when they glanced out the window, they saw it was too late to leave. The storm was ferocious and the roads were already covered. With this storm, they would be stuck together for three or four days. How would they last that long without rations, and could they survive that long without killing each other? Was this his one chance to win his wife back? Would their time being stranded together prove to them that it was NEVER TOO LATE?

A passion-filled story, NEVER TOO LATE by gifted author Brenda Jackson, is an emotion-packed, witty contemporary story. I love stories where the hero and heroine are snowed in and forced to spend time together, especially when there is so much love between them as in this story. I was also delighted by the significance of the item Dane came back to the cabin to retrieve. Packed with passion, romance, a wonderfully matched couple, miscommunication and loads of tender love, this story is a joy.

A double treat, these two stories of second chances will touch your heart. Passion abounds and communication is key as these two couples try to regain what they have lost and begin anew. Two endearing, feel good stories you won’t want to miss.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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