Pregnancy of Passion
By Alane
Jan 9, 2007 - 2:26:00 PM

Elisa was shocked when her affair with Salvatore di Vitale came to an abrupt end.  She was pregnant, and Salvatore vehemently denied any possibility that the baby was his.  Elisa was passionately in love with him and couldn’t imagine what she had done to cause such a complete lack of trust.  When she lost her baby to miscarriage, Elisa was completely devastated.  She’s been living on her own in Rome for the past year, doing all she can to avoid Salvatore.

Elisa was raised in the United States by her mother, who never really wanted a child and didn’t know how to treat one.  Her mother never married, choosing instead to indulge in one meaningless affair after another while Elisa attended boarding school.  Her father did marry, and her younger half-sister was raised in a far more traditional manner in Sicily.  Although Elisa was welcomed whenever she visited, she never really felt like a part of the family.  She has always yearned to simply belong somewhere.


Salvatore is a man who knows what he wants and he’ll stop at nothing to get it.  What he wants is Elisa, permanently.  Although a bad experience and an unfortunate misunderstanding led to his explosive reaction to Elisa’s pregnancy, he’s quite aware he behaved deplorably.  He’s been trying to make amends every since, but Elisa has been evading him.  Salvatore finally finds the perfect opening when he learns that the small jewelry store where Elisa works needs the help of a security expert.  They’re holding crown jewels in preparation for an auction.  The jewels are much too valuable to merely lock into a vault, and the store can’t afford anything more.  Salvatore is determined to protect the store, the jewels and most of all, Elisa.


Salvatore vows to stay at Elisa’s side, day and night.  She doesn’t like it, but she has to admit the possibility of danger is real.  And despite their past, she can’t deny her feelings for Salvatore.  The attraction between them is too potent, and her body betrays her whenever he’s near.  Can she resist him?  Salvatore will stop at nothing to convince Elisa she’s the only woman for him.  Surely if he gets her pregnant again, she’ll have no choice but to marry him.  But will she ever love him again?


I love it when characters who, for all they may be larger than life, act like, well… people.  Salvatore is wealthy, confident, and highly competent in multiple fields, yet he made mistakes like any other man.  To his credit, he recognized, admitted, and tried to correct them.  Elisa, who had done nothing to earn such a complete lack of trust, had no idea why Salvatore reacted the way he did to the news of her pregnancy.  She loved him, and thought he felt the same way.  But Salvatore had been betrayed before, and Elisa’s announcement dug at a wound that had never quite healed.  He reacted without thinking, and then truly regretted his actions.  It couldn’t have been easy for an alpha male like Salvatore to admit his mistake and ask for forgiveness.  I completely understood why Elisa kept avoiding him, but I wished she would give him a chance to explain if nothing else.  She obviously still loved him in spite of the disastrous ending to their affair a year ago.  The flames of passion burn strong and bright whenever Elisa and Salvatore are together.  Would Elisa throw it all away, or could she find it in her heart to forgive him?  I hoped she would find love, happiness, and a place she truly belonged, all at Salvatore’s side.

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