Prescott Pilots: Loving Carlie
By Dina Smith
Jul 1, 2005 - 11:27:00 PM

When Carlie Prescott's ex-brother-in-law Michael Preston came to work at Prescott Air Service he brought back memories that Carlie would rather forget. When Carlie was married to Michael's older brother Bill it was the worst time of her life. Bill was an abusive, womanizing, jerk and Carlie would never let another man hurt her like that again.

Michael has been in love with Carlie since they were teenagers but the minute she met Bill she had fallen head-over-heals and Michael didn't stand a chance. Since Carlie had chosen to marry Bill, Michael was forced to stand back and love Carlie from afar. But things have changed since then, Carlie was no longer married to Bill and Michael was no longer willing to stand back, he wanted Carlie in his arms and in his bed now and forever.


While Carlie was more than willing to join Michael in his bed allowing him into her heart was a whole different story. Carlie had thought herself in love once before and the man had nearly destroyed her, how can Carlie open her heart up to that kind of pain again? When tragedy strikes will Carlie realize too late that true love is worth taking a chance on and Michael is worth the risk?


LOVING CARLIE is the final story for The Prescott Pilots and brings a great close to this captivating series. Becky Barker has done an awesome job in creating a family that has love, laughter, and incredible sex appeal flowing from the pages. I must say that I will miss the Prescott family as this series comes to an exciting end and will anxiously be waiting to see what Becky Barker has for us next.

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