Pretend Mom
By Phyllis Ingram
Jun 1, 2005 - 11:50:00 PM

For one reason or another,
Dixie has not been home in seven years to see her mom or her brothers.  Her father had died three years ago and Dixie had flown in for the funeral and then left. Her sister, Audrey died the next year, but Dixie had not seen Mike in seven years.  There is an electrical current running between them. Why is he at the airport instead of her family? Is he still running interference for his brother Kevin Dixie has been "in love" with Kevin , but he never returned the feelings.  Maybe there is hope now.  But why did Mike still get her so discombobulated?  He affects her like no other man, not even Kevin whom she thought she is still in love with.  Would Kevin be happy to see her?

Dixie visits Audrey' s grave at the cemetery and while there, a thunderstorm comes up and she runs to her "thinking tree."  She thinks about her co-worker Ed who had asked her to marry him.  She thinks about Kevin and wonders if he still cares about her, and she thinks about Mike and wonders just what is happening between him and her.  In the meantime, water comes up from the ravine and floods the area. Dixie is totally confused about where she is, gets her foot caught between two rocks and almost drowns; but Mike comes to the rescue.  Is Mike her personal tracker?  Explain his being there all the time.  When Dixie wakes up at her stepmother's house, a little girl is watching her and she yells for "Grandma Emmy.".  Curiosity makes Dixie ask the pixie who she is and she explains, "I'm Mandy. Amanda ." Dixie asks Mike about being married and he explains that his wife was killed in a car wreck when Amanda was a baby. Mandy's almost four and living next door to Emily , the child fell in love with her, and he couldn't stop the love.  Mandy thinks of the twins, Will and Tom , as her brothers, and the boys think of Mike as their brother.  One big happy family?   One that goes frog giggin' together.  You have to read this wonderful story for yourself to find out what this is.


In comes Uncle Paul , her dad's brother, and upsets the "apple cart."   Every family has an Uncle Paul who wants everything.  He accuses Dixie of coming home only for the reading of the will, hoping that her dad has left the house to her.  Dixie is shocked, and so is everyone else.  Does Dixie stay in town for a while?   Does she tell Uncle Paul where he can go?  Does Emily tell Dixie why she wants her home other than missing her?  Does Mike tell Dixie that he's dating Janet ?  Why does Dixie sit on the ground and have disastrous results?



PRETEND MOM is told in the first person and is very nostalgic.  It takes you back to the times of clean living and is about home, family and small town people.  You don't lock your doors with these people. You open up your heart to them and it comes back ten fold.  I used to live in a small town in NJ and for years, we knew all the neighbors and when you went to the grocery store, you walked and brought back groceries for the older people.  You did what you could for people without looking for monetary compensation.



Rita Hestand has penned another winner for me with PRETEND MOM.  I absolutely love this story as all my emotions are tested.  I say it's a winner!!

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