Pretending with the Playboy
By Sherri Myers
Mar 16, 2004 - 1:05:00 PM

Texas Cattleman's Club member, and former FBI agent, Alexander Kent was to go undercover in a sting operation to try and stop a black-market baby theft ring. In order to convince the babysellers of his sincerity in seeking a baby, Alexander must first find a wife. When he finds out the Cattlemen have chosen dowdy librarian/drama coach Stephanie Firth to play the part of Mrs. Kent, he prays that the job will be over quickly so he can resume his lifestyle in short order. After a beauty makeover and a wardrobe overhaul, Alexander soon sees Stephanie's outside beauty, and it doesn't take long for her inner beauty to shine through, either. Will Alexander be able to walk away from Stephanie and resume his old ways once the job is over?

Stephanie Firth, librarian, drama coach and town "plain Jane", was reluctant to play the wife of the infamous playboy, Alexander Kent. Her sense of duty took over when her friend begged her to help stop the criminals stealing, and selling women's babies. She agreed, thinking it should be over quickly. Stephanie never planned on falling in love with the shameless womanizer, but fall she did, and hard too. When she surrendered her highly treasured virginity to Alexander, she figured at least she would have the memories to treasure the rest of her life. But will Stephanie be satisfied returning to her old life after having spent time PRETENDING WITH THE PLAYBOY? 


Cathleen Galitz has written a "Beauty and the Beast" turnaround story with PRETENDING WITH THE PLAYBOY. Handsome male and "ugly duckling" female turn out to be the perfect couple, and what each has been searching for in the opposite sex all along. This book is the fifth installment of The Texas Cattleman's Club series and picks up where the others left off.  Ms Galitz lets the ending hang to be concluded in the sixth and last story,  FIT FOR A SHEIKH by Kristi Gold. I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading others in this series.

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