Pretty Woman
By Claudia McRay
Apr 1, 2005 - 11:24:00 AM

Three years ago, Rosie Gardener, a wealthy young girl, fell in love with Kent Bliss.  Rosie's best friend, Vickie Winters, tried her best to tell Rosie that Kent was only after her money.  Rosie was determined to prove that even at a size fourteen, she was lovable.  She married Kent and Vickie left the business they co-owned, became a companion to an elderly lady and moved to Europe.

Rosie and Vickie have not talked in the three years they've been estranged and Rosie desperately needs her friend.  Kent has turned out to be exactly what Vickie predicted.  His exploits are well known in town and he flaunts the presents that Rosie gives him.  Rosie, in the meantime, has gained considerable weight.  Kent calls her names and tells her she stinks.  He will not be seen with her in public.


The third wedding anniversary is at hand.  Rosie insists that Kent be home for dinner or else.  Kent doesn't show and Rosie, finally, begins to take control of her life.  She kicks him out, returns the car she recently gave him and leaves him to his own devices.


Part of taking command involves reworking her business, slimming down and proving her worth.  Vickie re-appears after her companion passes away.  She and Rosie renew their friendship and resume their business.


In her effort to slim down, Rosie discovers and falls in love with her trainer, Jack Silver.  As Jack works with Rosie, they begin to fall in love.  Their relationship is told with a touch of paranormal that puts an interesting and lovely twist to it.  Jack and Rosie become determined in their training her to win the November triathlon.  He also teaches her a thing or two about carving up watermelons when she's angry.  This storyline was a real treat! 


Kent is out for revenge.  How dare Rosie treat him the way she's doing.  He's now relegated to living in a crummy motel and dependent on money he can gain from other wealthy ladies about town.


Oh, and there's the matter of a winning lottery ticket that Rosie holds.  Kent is sure she has the winning ticket and is determined to have his share, even if it means stealing a gun and tearing the house apart to find it.


PRETTY WOMAN is Fern Michaels at her best.  The characters will tug at your heart, even Kent, after a fashion.  The chronicling of a woman determined to change her life gives hope to any woman who has been through a similar situation.  She also tells us that you can control you own life if you put your mind to it.  I wholeheartedly recommend this book and it will hold a place with my other Fern Michaels books.  She's once again proven why she's on auto-buy for me.

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