Priceless – Urban Fairytales, Book 3
By Claudette
Nov 27, 2011 - 12:44:19 PM

It’s Christmas – ‘tis the season to be jolly.  Unfortunately, Eric can’t get over his insecurities enough to enjoy the holidays.  It’s up to his wife Nia to let her enthusiasm for both Christmas and their marriage sooth his worries, and show him that he is worthy of love.

Newlyweds Nia and Eric Athers are finding it hard financially.  Eric is a struggling junior doctor and his wife is working as a waitress besides her main job, to help him pay off his student loans.


Eric is eaten up with guilt that his wife has made so many sacrifices to be with him, and terrified of losing her.  For Eric the true meaning of Christmas is guilt because he cannot afford to shower her with the material things she deserves.  His scrooge-like attitude is ruining the holiday spirit that Nia is trying to bring to their tiny apartment.


Things aren’t helped by the childhood insecurities Eric carries around.  Can Nia’s love cure Eric’s lack of self worth and give him the right Christmas spirit?  Ms. Matthews always provides the reader with romances hot enough to make it seem like summer, and combined with the holiday themed angst at the core of this story, it’s a clear winner.

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