Pride - In Wilde Country series, book 1
By Dottie
Oct 23, 2014 - 6:12:02 PM

Growing up in Sicily with an emotional Sicilian mother and a cold American father who was mostly absent, Luca Bellini needed to be tough to make it. He made a success of his life and is now a famous architect with estates across the globe, including a ranch where he raises Arabian horses. To get as far as he has, Luca must stay in control. His recent discovery that he and his siblings may be illegitimate has left him angry. While hashing out the situation at his father's ranch with his three siblings and six half-siblings, Luca makes the acquaintance of a beautiful woman who has a rundown ranch nearby. He knows she looks familiar, but he cannot place her.

Cheyenne McKenna grew up with a manipulative, alcoholic mother and no father. A traumatic experience resulted in Cheyenne being placed in a foster home. To make a success of her life, she has also had to be tough and always in control. She became a top model, but now her determination to be in control of everything around her has made her unpopular with photographers and even her own agent. When she meets Luca, the attraction is so strong that the air around them nearly sizzles. But she refuses to give up control to a man.

Luca longs to dominate Cheyenne, but after surrendering to their passion for each other, he soon becomes interested in more than just sex with her. He wants her trust. As he slowly leads her toward that goal, by using blindfolds and scarves, he begins to learn a lesson himself. Is their real problem about control, or is it just pride?

Deliciously sensual, PRIDE, the first book in USA Today bestselling author Sandra Marton's IN WILDE COUNTRY series, is a scorching hot contemporary romance that will leave readers fanning themselves. This series represents the Sicilian faction of the Wilde family, who have the same father, a military general, as their American counterparts. To his six American offspring, the general is an oft-absent military leader while to his four Sicilian progenies, he is a rarely-there spy. It is not until his Sicilian 'wife' dies, that her children discover that they may be illegitimate since their father also has an American wife. With the Sicilian contingent descending upon their American siblings at the family ranch in Texas, there is plenty of bitterness to go around. At the outset, each side believes the other siblings received the lion's share of their father's attention growing up, until they begin to really communicate.

Luca has always put his trust in his father, even though he has often been letdown. So he is especially bitter because of his father's deception. Cheyenne's tragic background has also forced her to not count on anyone but herself. So at first, Luca and Cheyenne clash as each tries to wrest control from the other. I enjoyed watching the interaction between these two as together they discover what neither knew they wanted.

I am a huge fan of Ms. Marton's work and have read every book in the various series covering the WILDE family. Each novel is a gem! Just her name on the cover lets me know that I am in for a treat! PRIDE is packed with action, sizzling sensuality, beautiful Sicilian scenery, clever dialogue, family dynamics, tender emotion, humor, romance and love, providing readers with a very heated, yet heartwarming, saga. Just when I think Ms. Marton's stories cannot possibly get any better, she proves me wrong. For a delightfully captivating tale of humor, heat and heart, be sure to pick up a copy of PRIDE!

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