Prime Time

Author: Hank Phillipi Ryan

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: June 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Charlie's reporter instincts zeroes in on a tidbit of information as she reads the morning news while covering for a missing anchorwoman. It involves a missing employee named Bradley Foreman who works at a pharmaceutical company, Aztratech. She loves researching a story and this might be the big scoop of the year. As she sits at her computer doing research, her boss, Angela tells her that the cops found Mr. Foreman's body, car accident. She wants Charlie to go and interview the widow, Melanie Foreman. Angela also reminds her that they need to meet later to discuss her story ideas for the November sweeps. Charlie hopes this interview might just be the big story she is looking for. Walt, a camera operator, and Charlie hurry over to Mrs. Foreman's house. They learn some interesting facts about Melanie's husband. Also, he sent Charlie an E-mail. Mrs. Foreman wants to know why she never replied. Charlie honestly replies that she doesn't remember receiving one from him. When they get back to the office, Charlie heads directly for her computer. She finds his e-mail after much searching. It turns out it is a Spam E-mail. No wonder she did not see it.



As Charlie deciphers the clues in the Spam E-mail, her investigation takes many surprising twists and turns. There are exciting car chases, deception, and many questionable characters. Charlie's research leads her to a handsome professor named Josh Gelston. Josh is very eager to help her out with her research. Can Josh Gelston be trusted? She finds herself falling for this fascinating, sexy man. Will love blossom between Charlie and Josh? Most importantly, will Charlie discover the sensational story of the year in time for the November sweeps?


Hank Phillippi Ryan is a clever writer who delivers a smartly paced story of a television reporter who uncovers a web of deception and fraud. Ryan also provides wonderful insight into the world of television reporters. Charlie McNally is an amazing woman who is resourceful and irresistible. I admire her dedication to her job. She unwittingly puts herself in danger while uncovering a ground-breaking story. Charlie's investigation leads her to an irresistible, sexy professor who sets her heart racing every time she sees him. There is a high level of suspense woven into the relationship between Charlie and Josh. It was fun trying to figure out if he is a good guy or not. PRIME TIME is a riveting tale filled with unforgettable characters, smart dialogue, suspense, and a story line that delivers a surprise ending. I recommend having your favorite drink nearby because you won't be able to put this sensational book down.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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