Prince Of Frogs

Author: Barbara Ann Plum

Publisher: Kensington Publishing

Release Date: October 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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Ben MacDonald was a wealthy widower trying to raise his four year old daughter Molly and run his dot-com company. It has been eleven months since Ben's wife Amy, died, and as long as Ben is working he doesn't have time to think about Amy or the accident that killed her. But the more Ben works the worse Molly's tummy aches seem to be getting, so Ben figures it is time to find Molly a new doctor and get a second opinion.

Risa Taylor loved children and she figured being a pediatrician gave her the experience she would need to take care of her own children. Risa was so excited, in just one month she would be the single mother of triplet boys. Who needed a man anyways? In her experience they were unfaithful and all they cared about was how a woman looked. Her boys would be different, she was determined to raise them to care about what was on the inside of a woman, not the outside package.

When Risa Taylor met Ben in line at Starbucks she thought he was the rudest man she ever met, but he was also the most attractive man too. Risa could not seem to get Ben out of her mind and was shocked when she sees him at her Godson Jason's school play. Jason's mom, Kelsey, notices the sparks between Ben and Risa right away, and is determined to bring those sparks to life. The only problem is Ben feels like he would be cheating on Amy, and Risa doesn't think any man could fall in love with a big woman who is going to be the mother of triplet boys. While Ben spend more time with Risa to try to convince her to take Molly as a patient he finds himself falling in love with Risa. But is he ready to take on her family as well? With a little Christmas magic and the help of 2 sweet little children, just maybe Risa's frog will turn into her prince Charming after all.

PRINCE OF FROGS is a sweet, funny, romantic story that will leave the reader laughing out loud. Jason and Molly make the story come alive with their humor and antics that only a child could produce. Barbara Plum has done a remarkable job creating her first romance, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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