Park Avenue Scandals: Prince of Midtown
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 5, 2008 - 12:35:13 PM

Tessa Banks has served as Sebastian Stone’s personal assistant for the past five years but at almost thirty years of age she’s ready for a more fulfilling life.  She dreams of a real life complete with a husband and children and that’s simply not going to happen as long as she works for Sebastian.  The fact is she’s in love with him and he doesn’t know she exists outside of their business relationship. 

Sebastian Stone, Crown Price of Caspia, or as the media has dubbed him, PRINCE OF MIDTOWN, is stunned that Tessa intends to ‘abandon’ him.  He’s come to rely on her and she couldn’t have picked a worse time - Caspia Designs is in a huge financial mess and he’s counting on her to help him straighten things out.  It’s the knowledge that she’s actually seeing someone and intends to move to California with him that sends a pang to his heart.


Sebastian isn’t at all happy to learn that Tessa’s been seeing a snake in the grass divorce lawyer and intends to move with him to California.  Sebastian insists on the customary two weeks notice and visit Caspia with him. Tessa’s never been to Caspia and it’s an opportunity she can’t resist.  Sebastian hadn’t realized that Tessa has never been to Caspia but views it as the perfect opportunity to enlist her aid in solving the Caspia Designs issue while sharing the beauty of his country with her.  Of course he quickly realizes that he’s very attracted to her and when she lets her hair down and allows herself to have fun she’s the most exciting and fun woman he’s ever met.  There’s just this little issue of him being a prince and her being nothing but an American commoner.  Tessa dreams of a happily ever after, but can she really have that with a real live prince?


PRINCE OF MIDTOWN is the third book in the PARK AVENUE SCANDAL series.  I loved the whimsical feeling to this story . . .  it’s a modern day Cinderella story that will charm readers.  I fell in love with Caspia and felt like I could have fit right in amongst the citizens there.  Tessa is a hard worker who focuses on her job and doesn’t take much time to enjoy herself but Sebastian is just the man to help her loosen up.  Jennifer Lewis tells a heart-touching tale with some fun and warm scenes that especially touched my heart and at times brought tears to my eyes.


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