Princess Izzy and the E Street Shuffle

Author: Beverly Bartlett

Publisher: 5 Spot/Warner

Release Date: March 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Prince Raphael of Bisbania and Isabel Cordage have been friends since childhood. Isabel left for a short time to get a degree from Yale in the United States. Now that they are both grown, the prince is being pressured into getting married and Isabel looks like she will fit the bill perfectly.

Isabel agrees and is dubbed "Izzy" by the tabloids, who latch on to her every move and faux pas. Izzy enlists the help of her friend Geoffrey from the States and his wife as she tries to adjust to royal life and all it entails. Geoffrey teaches Izzy that many pearls of wisdom can be gleaned from his favorite singer, Bruce Springsteen. Izzy incorporates "the Boss" and his music into her daily life and it does seem to make a difference. When tragedy strikes, she must use all the wisdom she has available to move into the future.

The use of a third person narrator, whose identity is slowly revealed, gives an extra twist to a clever fractured fairy tale of a novel. The quirky characters that have become the signature of the 5 Spot line are in evidence in this book. My favorite is Ethelbald, a tabloid writer, who seems to have way too many scoops of royal events.

Izzy is a smart woman, despite some of her klutzy adventures. Readers can admire what she must do for love. Prince Raphael, or Rafie, has his own issues to face. The love explored in this tale is more of the loyal, enduring sort.

Beverly Bartlett states in the author's notes that she has a secret desire to write a royal biography and that her bookcases are full with that genre of books. Since she lives in Louisville and has no access to royals, she decided to write a fictional bio. Like her heroine, she loves the music of "the Boss". PRINCESS IZZY AND THE E STREET SHUFFLE will have you laughing out loud and pondering your own dreams.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Roberta Austin

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