By Mariah
Feb 19, 2004 - 8:09:00 PM

Heather Nolan studies more than all her friends because she wants to become a success after her college days.  She hates that she has so little money and may have to drop out of her studies.  The basketball posters plastered around the walls of the school reminds her how much funding is given to the athletics and how little is left over for people who really want to make good grades and do well.  This makes her very angry.

Heather is offered a paying position to tutor the star basketball player.  Because of her circumstances she knows she must accept.  Can she take this young man who is the star on the court and teach him to not only read better, but to believe enough in himself to pass all his classes?


PRINCESS by Staci Stallings is an excellent book about overcoming diversity and winning.  It is a struggle between a black male student and a white young woman; a scholar and an athlete.  Ms. Stallings captures us at the beginning and keeps us turning the pages until the end.  The reader will come to care for the two protagonists and urge them on to the very end.  I thoroughly enjoyed the read and look forward to reading the next release from this excellent author.

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