Prints Charming

Author: Rebeca Seitz

Publisher: WestBow Press

Release Date: March 6, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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After having married her childhood sweetheart, Bill, because it just seemed like the natural thing to do, Jane Sandburg then divorced her cheating husband two years later when she caught him with an online e-mistress.  Now after being divorced for a year, Jane has begun to get her feet back on the ground. 

Since her divorce, Jane has become reacquainted with her once good friend, Lydia, whom she had gotten angry at when Lydia tried to tell her about Bill’s cheating the day of the wedding.  Jane, Lydia, and another woman named Mackenzie—Mac, for short—started a scrapbooking group called Sisters, Ink, which provides support and friendship for each of the ladies in the group and is now a thriving business.  They welcome a Hispanic woman into their group named Mari who is attempting to learn to scrapbook in preparation for adopting a little girl from Chile.   


When Jane meets the handsome guy next door, she can hardly believe he is actually interested in her!  After Bill’s cheating, she is distrustful of what Jake’s intentions might be and isn’t sure if she should get involved with her hunky neighbor or not.  But a guy who has a cat that tolerates her dog can’t be all bad, can he?


Just when their relationship begins to bloom into a serious romance, Jane’s ex-husband shows up begging for a second chance.  Will she return to Bill’s eagerly waiting arms and the comfortable friendship they once had, or will she tell him to take a hike and hold out for true love?


One-time publicist for WestBow Press, Rebeca Seitz has now stepped into the world of writing books herself.  PRINTS CHARMING is the first novel Ms. Seitz has had published, but that fact certainly isn’t evident in this well-written and interesting story.  Friends, faith, and fun combine with romance to bring readers a realistic look into one woman’s life and her struggle as a Christian dealing with divorce. 


Scrapbookers especially will love this novel, but the enjoyment factor while reading this book is there even if you don’t participate in that particular craft.  I really liked the camaraderie between the four friends as they worked on their scrapbooks and could imagine myself right in the middle of the fun.  Hobby enthusiasts will surely find similarities between their particular hobby of interest and scrapbooking, making this a book that can be enjoyed by a wide audience of readers.  I look forward to finding many more books with Rebeca Seitz’s name listed as the author on my bookstore’s shelves.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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