Prisoner of Love and Violet Love

Author: Elizabeth Batten-Carew

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Release Date: March 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 2.5

Format: EBOOK

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PRISONER OF LOVE is a story about a woman who finds herself captured, branded as a virgin and is to be sold as a slave.  Elaine is terrified, but watching the other scared woman before her, she realizes that showing fear turns the potential buyer on even more.  Even when silence claimed the room and a white-robed man stood before her, Elaine tried to keep her fear hidden.  But this man had not only just claimed her mouth in a fierce kiss, but gained possession of her very being.

Jakura Agda saved his friend's sister, Elaine and she couldn't be happier to see him. As it turns out, Elaine had a huge crush on Jake all those years ago.  Now he has saved her life and what better way to repay him than with the one thing she has been holding most dear.  Her virginity. But neither factored in love and both are afraid to let the other know their feelings.  Will they both end up lonely and prisoners of a love they don't know how to share?


VIOLET LOVE takes us into the future to the planet called Signel V.  Silana is a Magentan and the best saboteur that they have.  It was his mission to stop Silana, but he could not kill her.  As they travel on foot back to the base, they become closer and closer.  Falling in love was not their objective, he is a soldier and his duty is to turn Silana in.  When they arrive at the base, he can't do it, telling Silana that he loves her and begs Silana to run away with him. But Silan a doesn't think he is really in love with her, that it is her feelings projecting onto him, so he let's Silana escape.  Was theirs a true love after all?


PRISONER OF LOVE AND VIOLET LOVE were two short stories that got right to the point.  Unfortunately, they left me wanting more.  They plots were interesting and grabbed my attention, but I wish that there could have been more detail involved with both, making them longer reads.  Even short and to the point, both stories project the love that both couples feel for each other. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Bea Sigman

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