Private Lies
By Missy Andrews
Aug 28, 2003 - 11:07:00 PM

He’s a cop. When Roxanne Lewis finds out that her fiancee Gage Dabon has been lying to her she immediately thinks that he is cheating on her but he is not cheating he is working undercover trying to infiltrate a counterfeiting ring. She thinks that she could have dealt with infidelity better than this. She is the only member of her family who is not a cop and her mother was killed by a parolee who was out for revenge against her father so she always swore that she would NEVER marry anyone in the law enforcement profession. And he can’t be just a regular run of the mill everyday cop; oh no he’s a Secret Service agent, which means he also works for the Treasury Department. Now the question is since she knows the truth what is she going to do about it?

Busted! Gage knew that Roxanne was suspicious of him but never dreamed that she would show up in the middle of his sting operation looking like every man’s dream in a disguise that fooled even a ten-year veteran like him. He kept putting off telling her the truth because he knows how she feels about cops and he doesn’t want to lose her. Now he has put her in danger, which is the one thing he swore he would never do. Are their acting abilities good enough to get them out of this situation alive? And if they do get out alive, will Roxanne ever speak to him again?

Ms. Etherington pens a truly unique and thought provoking romance in PRIVATE LIES. By putting Roxanne and Gage in an established relationship before the deception is revealed, she dares each of us to ask ourselves "what would I do in Roxanne’s place?" I don’t want to even contemplate how many women have found themselves in situations where the man they love has lied to them and they must decide if they are willing to forgive and go forward. I loved the fact that the charade forced Roxanne to acknowledge a part of herself that she didn’t know existed. I truly believe that we are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for and that when placed in a situation that requires something that we didn’t know we had, we can reach deep inside ourselves and find it, just like Roxanne did. The little voice inside Roxanne’s head provides humor to this sexy and suspenseful tale that marks Ms. Etherington’s debut to the Temptation line. However, she has more scheduled out for release next year and I am personally hoping for a follow up book featuring two of the secondary characters from this book.

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