Private Places

Author: Robin Schone, Claudia Dain, Allson James, Shiloh Walker

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: August 5, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Michael Beaulieu, the Duke of Bretherton, and Amelia Lockwood once shared a love but misunderstandings and overblown pride forced them in different directions.  Ten years later, both widowed, they’re brought together again courtesy of a card game with very high stakes - marriage.  Just when they think a happily ever after is possible Amelia’s greedy cousin threatens to destroy everything but maybe challenging her Duke to a private game of piquet will yield just the results she desires.

Sexually charged and infinitely gratifying. Allyson James ensures readers will be captivated by this storyline and enchanted by these characters as they struggle to make a happy marriage. I eagerly read each page anxious to find out just how Michael and Amelia outwit her cousin at his own game.




Zoe Auvray, an actress without a part, and Sophia Grey, a seasoned courtesan, are intent on enacting a little revenge against the people who’ve wronged them.  The best revenge either of them can think of is to humiliate their opponents and cement a place for themselves with eligible handsome men.


I thoroughly enjoyed Zoe and Sophia’s attitudes.  They’re high spirited and make no apologies for their behavior which make them delightfully wicked heroines.  Claudia Dain gives an entirely plausible accounting of the lives of actresses and courtesans of the time period.


HUNTER’S MERCY by Shiloh Walker

The Revolutionary War cost many Americans everything but for Mercy the loss of her brother to the war and her husband to the demons who attacked him in their home is too much to bear.  She’s gone out of her way to hunt the demons but now they’re targeting her - all except one.  Jack promised Mercy’s brother that he’d look out for her but can he truly protect her without losing his heart to her?


Shiloh Walker is well known for her intense storylines that take the readers breath away and HUNTER’S MERCY achieves that status beautifully.  Jack and Mercy are a unique couple with some heavy issues to overcome.




Ardelle Dennison and Joseph Manning are in big trouble. As founders of a club that explore various sexual desires and ways to enhance pleasure they’re about to be publicly exposed in a 1887 London trial.  While they admit to a fascination with the sexual arts, entrusting each other with their true desires, fantasies and secrets from their pasts is extremely difficult but more than gratifying when they find themselves locked in a museum together.


Robin Schone allows readers to step into the heart and minds of these two enchanting characters.  Neither of them have admitted their true feelings to each other or even themselves therefore their time together is intense and full of emotional honesty.



PRIVATE PLACES consists of four historical tales told by some of today’s hottest authors.  Each story has its own distinct ‘flavor’ and wonderfully imaginative tone that ensures readers will have a great time delving into the authors words.  If you enjoy historical storylines that contain a more erotic undertone then PRIVATE PLACES is for you.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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