Private Scandal
By Cheryl McInnis
Jul 9, 2011 - 4:03:39 AM

When heiress Megan Carlton’s father was caught embezzling and her family’s hotel empire taken over by her long-time lover Brandon Knight, Megan was still  willing to forgive Brandon…until
she saw him kissing another woman. With her heart broken, and her bank account empty, Megan is forced to take care of herself for the very first time. She works not one, but two jobs and watches every penny. When she unexpectedly runs into Brandon again, all the hurt Megan felt at his betrayal comes rushing back,  and she is determined that there is no way he is weaseling his way back into her life or her heart, no matter if Brandon has other ideas.

Brandon was stunned when Megan disappeared from his life after his company acquired Carlton hotels. Sure, he knew that she would be upset at his role in exposing her father’s actions, but after seven years together; Brandon thought they could work through that. Three months later, he walks into a coffee shop to find Megan serving there, only to have her dump his order on him. Taking that to mean that she is still angry with him, Brandon vows to get Megan to forgive him and convince her that they are meant to be together, forever.

PRIVATE SCANDAL is an enchanting tale of a poor little rich girl and the white knight whom she wants nothing to do with. Megan’s situation had me interested from the start, and I was rooting for her all the way. She is a wonderful heroine; strong, independent and incredibly kind. It was a joy to watch her grow as a person on the pages of this story. Brandon was the perfect hero for Megan, and I was holding my breath for a long time, anxious for them to clear up the “misunderstanding” that kept them apart for so long and to find their happy ending. PRIVATE SCANDAL was a really enjoyable romance with lots of heartfelt emotion and some super hot love scenes. I highly recommend it.

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