Project Jennifer
By Lorelei Mattison
Sep 2, 2008 - 11:33:05 AM

Joan is tired of being plain Jane Joan. She’s not pretty, sexy or smart enough like the other girls who seem to have almost everything. She finds out from her mom that she almost named her Jennifer. Drastic measures are called for when she loses her fiancé’ to a girl named Jennifer. Joan has had enough! She launches a scheme called PROJECT JENNIFER. She is going to become much smarter, prettier, thinner and less Joan, more a sultry, sexy Jennifer.

Her project gets off the ground slowly, but surely. Joan realizes she needs to take action and be a little more drastic in the measures she is taking. Sexier measures, such as lingerie, flirtation, weight loss, nothing is off limits. Plain Jane Joan is about to become sexy, slim, fabulous Joan, even if it kills her. The Jennifer’s of the world had better watch out, because Joan is intent on becoming the next Jennifer.


PROJECT JENNIFER is hilarious, yet has a poignant, heart-tugging story at its core. Ms. Rosenblatt does an excellent job penning a novel that every female can relate to easily. Any woman who has ever wished she could be “that girl”, the one with the handsome boyfriend, the beautiful clothes, the killer body, will love this novel. I loved the premise of this book, which is all about falling in love with who you are, even if it is a long fall. I recommend this book to every woman! It is a feel good read that touches heartstrings.

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