Project: Man
By Lacey
Sep 8, 2007 - 3:06:32 PM

Forced to take a federal agent into her home, Professor of Egyptology, Emily Payne, finds herself strangely attracted to the handsome bodyguard. As if being in the center of a federal government case and the target for a thief bent on sealing the priceless Egyptian papyrus isn’t enough to deal with, she finds herself lusting after her newest houseguest—one she thinks is gay

Federal Agent Nicholas Farley is a self-proclaimed ladies man and far from being gay. As a cruel joke by another agent, Nicholas finds himself posing as a homosexual male. His fake sexual orientation was the only way sensible Emily would allow him to stay in her home. She doesn’t feel she needs his protection, but with someone trying to steal a priceless artifact she’s trying to decipher, she has no choice.


While going along with the charade, he finds himself attracted to the kooky professor. She’s not only pretty, but she keeps him on his toes, including him in her own little world. She never takes safety precautions, leaving her doors literally wide open for the thief to come in whenever he pleases.


As tensions run high between these two, Emily finally gives in and decides to take it upon herself to add on a new project—showing Nicholas how fun it could be to love a woman. Only thing is, would he play along?


I love stories that are both sexy and humorous, and Ms. Fleming did a fabulous job writing PROJECT: MAN. Too many times I found myself laughing out loud at the humor within, making this story a fun and enjoyable read. I highly recommend adding PROJECT: MAN to your reading list!

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