Project MANagement
By Annie
Jun 1, 2009 - 1:17:17 PM

Bell hates her real name so she came up with a plan. She has been managing her life since the time she has gone to school. Now as an adult she is the project manager for a company. She may get the one chance of happiness, if she doesn’t blow it first.

Larry, Stanley, and John all grew up together. Now they have set their sights on Bell. They want her to join them, but they are afraid she won’t accept them for who they really are.

Bell knew that accepting the bet from what she calls them, her three stooges, was going to be hard. She had no idea what or how far that bet would go. Larry, Stanley, and John have this night planed to the detail. They picked the place, the clothes, and even what would go on afterward. Their plans didn’t include going so far that night. Now she has placed her body into their hands, but they’re placing their hearts in hers and no one will know how the end will go.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT by Kirra Pierce is one hot little number that by the end you will be wanting your partner to cuddle up to. She has managed to take hot ménage into a hole new level.

I love how each character has their own distinctive personalities yet also complete on another as well. There’s three very hot men and one woman, what’s not to love as you go further and further into their very special love story? I would totally recommend this book to a number of friends just to show sometimes, you can have your own little fantasy come to life.

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