Prom Dates From Hell

Author: Rosemary Clement-Moore

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Release Date: March 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Maggie Quinn, a journalist for her school paper, is known within her family for having a sixth sense about events before they happen.  So when a particularly foul dream begins to come true, she decides to team up with Justin in hopes of solving the mystery surrounding the unfortunate events happening at the school.  Being around his chiseled body makes concentrating hard to do but Maggie's more than willing to put herself to the task. As they grow closer to finding the truth, Maggie begins to question if Justin means to her than she might be willing to admit.

Justin's made a point of studying the paranormal. So when he hears about what's been happening to Maggie he can't help but want to be involved.  The more time he spends with her the more Justin's convinced it's not only the gift Maggie has that makes her special, but everything about her.

High school is hard for every teenager but for Maggie, high school has gone from bad to worse. Maggie’s only worry should be how to survive the prom, but with otherworldly happenings occurring around the kids she goes to school with, Maggie’s newest agenda is solving the mystery.  Luckily Maggie has help. Justin's good looks could have won Maggie's attentions all on there own but when she finds out he's got an interest in the paranormal it isn't long before she's teamed up with him.  Now with time running out Maggie will have to save her school and hopefully also get a date to the prom.

PROM DATES FROM HELL is the reason to return to high school!  This novel will have readers of every age reading from cover to cover in hopes of solving the mystery along with Maggie. Ms. Moore’s writing is wickedly clever and deliciously funny.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kerensa Wilson

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