Promoted: To Wife and Mother

Author: Jessica Hart

Publisher: Harlequin Romance

Release Date: March 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Perdita James enjoys her job but she’s miffed that she’s expected to attend a leadership development course but the new boss hasn’t even bothered to show up. To make matters worse, she’s spent hours filling out a questionnaire expecting to be labeled a warm, friendly, expressive dolphin.   Instead she’s labeled as an attention-seeking peacock.   There’s just no way that could be right, is there?

While the ‘dolphins’ are off socializing, Perdita’s left to wonder where she went wrong in her questionnaire answers.   Fortunately she’s joined by another non-dolphin.   Ed is a panther - forceful, decisive, and ruthless.   They commiserate their fates together and Perdita divulges her opinion of the new boss and his absence from the course - which he forced her to attend.   Imagine her humiliation when she discovers the man she’s talking with is the very same man she just insulted.


Edward Merrick is a very busy man.   Having raised three children on his own since his wife’s death five years ago, he’s opted to move from London to Ellsborough to give them all a fresh start.   Something about Perdita’s take charge attitude calls to him and he’s quickly enamored of her and also realizes she has a lot of personal issues going on in her own life - namely her mother - whose health is failing.   Ed and Perdita have their squabbles and she’s angry with him quite often.   Underneath it all there is an attraction that she’s trying hard to fight.   Perdita does not have romantic relationships with men who have children.   She’s been there, done that, and has the battle scars.   Now forty years old, she’s content with her life and doesn’t want to change anything, well except for her mother’s health problems, so why can’t she convince herself or Ed that she doesn’t need or want him in her life?


Jessica Hart is sure to win over readers with her newest release PROMOTED: TO WIFE AND MOTHER.   I alternated between laughter and tears and loved getting to know Perdita and Ed.   They’re both strong individuals dealing with difficult situations alone.   Their working relationship is downright funny since he’s determined to ‘humanize’ her and she’s dead set on maintaining her ‘I tell my staff what to do and they do it’ attitude.   As anyone who’s ever dealt with raising children alone or a sickly parent can tell you just keeping your wits about you is challenging at best in most situations but throw in a possible romance and things are bound to get downright interesting.  


Jessica Hart has proven herself to be a talented author with her previous releases but I do believe this book has that extra something special that will touch readers’ hearts and leave you feeling good about life in general.  

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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